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Here is the product short description. Please note: the “Add to cart” button is disabled only on our website as this is a sample product.

Delivery information

Space to communicate information regarding delivery.

Payment methods

Tell your customers how they can pay for the products.


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How to use Flatresources

Using Flatresources with your Flatsome website is easy as a breeze.

First, copy the provided Shortcode and paste it to the text page editor or directly to the UX Builder.

1. Copy and paste the Shortcode

Copying the Shortcode
Pasting the Shortcode using UX Builder import function
Pasting the Shortcode to the page text editor

2. Add the custom CSS code

Second, copy the CSS code (if provided) and paste it into your project to achieve the desired appearance.

There are multiple methods of adding and updating CSS code in WordPress, so let's look at each one of them.

Using a plugin (Simple Custom CSS and JS PRO)

This is our preferred method because it allows you to create multiple stylesheets to keep things neat and tidy. If you upgrade to the paid license, you will be able to apply the CSS code only to selected URLs, keep track of revisions, and much more.

Adding CSS using the Simple Custom CSS and JS plugin
WordPress Additional CSS

Appearance Customize Additional CSS

Adding CSS using the WordPress Additional CSS
Flatsome Custom CSS

Flatsome Advanced Custom CSS

Adding CSS using Flatsome Custom CSS
Theme style.css

Appearance Theme Editor style.css

Adding CSS using theme Stylesheet